Wednesday, September 2

Stopping By the Junkyard* on a Sunny Evening

I took this photo from the window of the subway, part of which is above ground, while we were stopped outside a station for a few minutes. It amused me, not for the first time, to look out on the length of track and see wood trestles holding the rails. I know nothing about railroad lore, but I presume the trestles used for our underground, highly electrified, modern commuter system are much the same as those used to build the First Transcontinental Railroad over 100 years ago.

*Not really a junkyard. Not what you would call a junkyard, proper. Just a lot of well-used looking vehicles. Probably the backlot of an auto repair shop, but that doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?


BCB said...

I love trains, the old passenger kind, especially riding them. Not sure your modern DC subway would have the same feel to it. And train whistles heard from a distance, at night... is there a better, more mournful sound? I like that some things are still being done the "old" way.

dalide: [using a DC accent here] when the train comes out of a tunnel, it passes from the dark into dalide

McB said...

My mom grew up in what was then a railroad town. The house she grew up in was just across the street from the tracks. I remember when we would be visiting, falling asleep at night listening to the clickety clacking. No, the subway doesn't do that. But it's one of the nice parts of east coast living, that people still use the train to go places.

rssasrb said...

I like taking the train. And hearing them which we do--a lot since as you know McB, we live across the street from the main North South rail line. I like the whistles better from a distance that right outside my window though.

Nice picture.