Tuesday, February 27


Things I've noticed and wondered about just lately.

In Baltimore they place these signs, skinny little things, between the lanes. I don't mean between north and south bound, but between lanes in the same direction. The sings are there to warn you to be careful in the pedestrian walkways. Here's the thing: they aren't there every day. So ... Apparently someone has the job of picking up these signs and then putting them back. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Also, you have to wonder, does this mean that you don't have to be careful all the time but only when the signs are there? In either case there's a particular irony at work here because as far as I can tell Baltimorean have no clue that crosswalks exist.

There's a sign on route 70 just west of Baltimore that lists 4 cities and their distances. Columbus is, I think, 420. Next was St. Louis at 800+ (I don't remember exactly), then Denver at a nice round 1700, followed by some city I've never heard of but which is apparently 2200 mi. away. I've never heard of it but since it made the sign you have to figure it has some claim to fame.

The next town down from mine there's a community known as Shady Grove. As you cross this bridge into a shopping area there they have these giant G' carved into the stone work. In the center of the G is a big tree. I guess the tree is for the shady part the G for the Grove. Anyway, from a certain angle, the tree/G thing looks like the profile of a giant nose.

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 14

Adventures in Baltimore

So if you've wandered over here to my Blog you are probably a CherryBomb. And if you are a CherryBomb you probably know that my dad has been in the VA hospital over in Baltimore where he had surgery. I've caught you up on that, I think. But here's what you don't know about what's been going on.

First, Baltimore is all one way streets. And very few of them are going in the direction you need. Its diabolical.

Second, Baltimore has a trolley or cable car thing. I did not know this before last week in spite of living relatively close. Well I guess I've only visited the Inner Harbor tourist area, that's why.

Third, if you miss a turn off from the expressway you are not lost. The same streets will intersect the next street. However you will be a little further away from your destination.

Fourth, if you find yourself a little further away and need to work your way back to familiar cross streets, it is wise to think twice before making a left turn onto a block you've never visited before.

Fifth, said block may be one of the streets the cable car travels. And if you didn't know it was there before it can come as a hugh shock to find this honking huge 'bus thingy bearing down in your direction.

Sixth, if you squeeze over to the right, stop the car and close your eyes, the cable car will go past without incident.

Seventh, the experience can leave you terrified and desperate for the street you want so that you don't notice certain important road signs.

Eighth, you are not supposed to make left turns from the same block the cable car travels.

Ninth, the traffic cops know all about this little problem.

Tenth, they don't care.

Oh, and Edgar Allen Poe's grave is only a few short blocks from the VA.