Wednesday, September 23

It's Like a Blanket?

I had friends over a few weekends ago. They all knew, vaguely, that I crocheted and while they were there I mentioned I was working on an afghan for my cousin's wedding. Only one of them knows anything about crochet so I dragged out what I had done so far so they could see what I was talking about when I mentioned strips and braiding. We were chattering blithely on when I caught the eye of my Chinese friend who asked "what's an afghan?" She's very Americanized in many ways (a right proper little Capitalist) but there are still things she's unfamiliar with that most of us take for granted. Which goes to show that you should never take for granted that everyone knows what you are talking about. Lesson learned.

Here it is, done at last. It's huge being nearly 6 feet long and approximately 5 feet wide. The afghan is made up of strips which are themselves composed of 3 separate strips braided together and held in place by 2 rounds of stitches. The main strips are stitched together with what's called a reverse single crochet, which makes a pretty, braided edging.
And a closer up view.

Tonight I'll double check for loose ends that need to be woven in, and make sure I got all the markers out. Then it will get washed and blocked. It's an acrylic yarn so it should wash up nicely.


Merry said...

It looks like a lot of work went into this... but also a lot of love and skill. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

griontsh - well obviously, that's the language of the grionts.

Theresa said...

Wow! Really, wow! I'm sure this is something that your cousin will really cherish.

rssasrb said...

A family heirloom for the new family being created today. It's beautiful.

"The" Merry said...


Woman, we need to do some dusting in here. How are your blog decorators supposed to get this place decorated for the holidays when it's got those cobwebs all over the place? Halloween is so last month already!

Here, I'll just wipe the dust off the mantelpiece, so I can put some holly there instead...

inspiz - what the Wiz needs when he runs out of ideas

"The" Merry said...

Um... why are there turkey feathers all about the place? Honestly, I leave this blog unattended for one day and the whole place calls for a handbasket. Is that Thanksgiving gratitude? I ask you.

And, without waiting for an answer, I go on to mention that I am glad for good (and exceedingly forbearing) blog friends.

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McB said...


The Merry said...

See? I knew this place needed dusting!

phisfal - a sneeze that causes you to trip and crash onto the floor. Which could've been avoided if you'd dusted, I mean honestly, what were you thinking?