Monday, July 13

What I've Been Up To

Okay, I've been lax about posting and I apologize. The thing is, there isn't much point in posting highlights when you don't have any. Life has been mostly humming along in a predictably boring fashion, and I'm OKAY WITH THAT. I like boring. But now I finally have a highlight to share with you ...

I'M GETTING A NEW DECK! Why yes, I am a little excited about it. It's not actually a luxury item, though, since my deck is so old and worn that safety will become an issue in another year or so. The cost is making me a little queasy, but it's a necessity. So I did what you're supposed to do and set out to get estimates. I liked the first guy that came out and a lot of what he said sounded reasonable and made sense. Also, his estimate was within the range that I'd figured on. Then the second person came out and that was a trip. These people take decks very seriously. I really loved this one:

And then I realized that I have no water view unless the neighbor's yard floods so, really, what would be the point?

This one is good, too. I'm not sure, though, that my homeowners association would agree. Especially when the neighbors on both sides and behind complained that my deck was taking up rather a lot of their yard. Sometimes people have no vision.

Really, all the designs were amazing and they left me with this nifty folder filled with brochures and testimonials. And then they wanted to come back so that we can discuss the estimate. The thing is, my home is not a McMansion. It's a itty bitty townhouse with a postage stamp back yard. My current deck is 12 x 16, and if it was much bigger it would cover my entire yard. Plus, there's that homeowners association again. So ... what is there to discuss?

I want a deck pretty much like what I have except without the warped and splintered boards. And with stairs. Did I mention that my second story deck has no stairs? The original owners had small children at the time it was built, and I understand that safety was an issue, but it rather severely limits access to the backyard. Or maybe they thought throwing stuff over the deck railing and optimistically hoping it wouldn't break on impact was a fine thing. So stairs down to the yard are like the bright and shiny light at the end of my tunnel.

Fate seems to be smiling on my stair-struck ambition because it turns out that a family member with lots and lots of construction experience and whose work I have actually seen first hand just happens to have nothing better to do with his time this coming week and has offered to build my deck! In fact, I strongly suspect that he would have voluteered to do it for the cost of materials alone. Not that I would have agreed. Pride aside, it's going to be a lot of work and I don't care if he likes to do this stuff, that just wouldn't be right. Would it? *sigh* No, no it wouldn't. We found some middle ground that saves me a lot of money and earns him a good chunk of extra cash. And as it's considerably less than the other estimates, everybody wins.

Why yes, there probably will be photos. Stair-gazing ahead. Stay tuned.


Merry said...

A deck-fixing relative? Does he maybe have a yen to visit Oregon? I'd feed him :)

WapakGram said...

I think the neighbors should let their yard flood so you could have that nifty water view.

By the time I made it to the bottom tier with cocktails, I'd have to hike back up to potty. Much prefer the smaller deck with stairs. Much cozier.

Pictures are not optional!

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BCB said...

I still LOVE my new deck, even though it's a year old. The old one was a tragic news headline waiting to happen: Imaginary Friends Finally Meet, Perish In Horrifying Deck Collapse. Ahem. Yes, I know it's not more than five feet off the ground. It could have happened. Well, okay, we would at the very least have spilled our drinks.

Please do keep in mind that at some point in this process there will be NO DECK OUT THERE. Lock the door.

Waiting now for pics . . .

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Anonymous said...

My mom's little deck is pretty bad too. And it's not old. The guy did it this way. He took the money and ran fast and far. It's not anchored completely to the house or in the ground at all. The boards are warping. The steps groan even when little girls step on them. I'm glad you've got someone you know so yours can be perfect.

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