Thursday, July 16

Deck Update

Old deck goes "bye-bye." Everybody wave.

For some reason I find it very amusing that these chairs were left hanging there while they ripped up the floor. That splotch on the first one is the vacant dove's nest. That amused me, too, which is why it's still there.

But now I've got new deck flooring! Isn't it pretty??!!! FYI, that's my neighbor's Rose of Sharon shrub in the background.


Merry said...

You yard is decked out in all its finery. Beautiful :)

allworec - yes'm, all wor recked, but we fixed it good ma'am... now here's the bill...

McB said...

Mom says railing material was unloaded today, but they're holding off on the labor because we're supposed to get storms. But tomorrow the weather should be great.

scarie - not at all (you know, sometimes blogger just makes it too easy)

WapakGram said...

It looks fabulous. Like a great dance floor! Best get the railing up before cocktails.

icatoe- what me uses to find herself when she is lost