Saturday, April 11

For the Birds

If you have wandered over here because you can't figure out where the CherryBombs have got to, things are in disarray because we seem to have sprung a leak over there, or maybe stopped up the plumbing or something. We don't really know what it is we did. We were rather hard on the old place, what with the pole swinging, guacamole stains and lurkers in the attic. And while our landlord, Bryan, has been quite patient with us, we are considering *gulp* venturing out on our very own, with like a mortgage and everything. Hey, the bail fund is flush at the moment. Anyway, please wander over to our Potential New Home and see what you think.

If you find, when you're there, that your comments aren't popping up immediately, it's because we've left BCB in charge and she gets distracted easily. But be patient and eventually she'll be back to let you in. Unless she doesn't recognize you or thinks you might be a member of the Chipper Spam Monkey band. It's not that she's discriminating, she just likes having that kind of power.

In the meantime, I appear to be the way station for wandering CBs and lurkers so I'll give you something else to look at for now.

Here's an updated picture of my lilac bush which you can see is greening and budding up nicely. Actually, it's even leafier now than when I took this picture, but right now it's raining outside so you'll have to make do with this.

And here we have a picture of Mrs. Mourning Dove in her new place. At least I think that's Mrs. I think she's got eggs now. Stay tuned for updates.

And in other news, here's a picture of me standing in front of this big White House in DC. And I didn't even have to climb the fence or anything, even though they are quite strict about tresspassing there considering the tentants are pretty new to the neighborhood.


BCB said...

So now I'm power hungry, huh? Actually, I'm just having a great time messing around with WordPress and creating a new blog. I love it! Might convert my own blog soon. After the dust settles with this CB thing.

And I've been checking moderation regularly, as promised. Not holding anyone hostage. Really. Not yet. If anyone especially dashing and handsome shows up, that might change . . .

Be glad your birds are not in the walls like mine.

sivercur: silver-haired dog?

Anonymous said...

Things are agrowin' at your place.
Have birds nesting in the rain gutters and in the garage here. I'm amazed at the dove nesting in a chair.


Wapak said...

Thanks for keeping the porch light on. We'll try not to wake Mrs Mourning Dove and the little ones.

Nice picture of THE White House. I'm appalled they didn't invite you in. Especially since you are a gardener.

aidysca: a russian greeting.

Anonymous said...

So this is where the other CBs are. I thought we all wandered over to the new place.

- OH, who is too tired to sign