Wednesday, April 8

Any Port in a Storm

GP says she sent and email to Bryan and I did as well. As far as I can figure out, it is something that would have to be fixed by the host. As Bryan may well have other (not actually better, but possibly other) things going on, we may need temporary digs for a bit, and here's as good a place to hang out as any. Or we could play musical blogs and take turns or whatever.


Keziah Fenton said...

Could you please put your blog address in the post you wrote at the B&G so people know how to find you.

Keziah Fenton said...

Never mind. You already did. Thanks, CMS

Merry said...

Port? You mean you've been holding the port over here all this time? Dang!
(I'm not sure what goes with port, other than starboard. This requires research.)

batio - Batman's patio

Merry said...

Did anyone else try the "Write or Die" link from the post?

fecsishi - I'm not quite sure what it is, but it sounds like it would make a disgusting dish. Probably a delicacy.

me said...

A nice cheese dip might go with a port. Because this place is too clean. There are absolutely no stains on this couch. I'll take care of that...

hipper - Yep, that's me.

McB said...

there's a decent riesling around here somewhere too.

Diane (TT) said...

Yes, but riesling doesn't leave much of a stain. Perhaps if I were to spill a little tea...

I only recognize 2 of the quotes, and the 4th one, I couldn't tell you the book, just the author.

Thanks for giving us a place to drop in while we're homeless!

WapakGram said...

Oh boy, a field trip! I loved field trip days.
This is a fun place! Don't tell BCB that they do crafts here, she might break out in a rash.

I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one to break bloooger. Until CMS commented on face book I was just slinking in the ashamed.

imshi- things you order in a sushi restaurant.

K.L. said...

I guess the B&G sprung a leak in the roof or something. The health department closed it down until Bryan can climb up there and fix it. Glad McB's place isn't too far to travel.

Yes, field trips can be educational as well as fun.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the B & G had an annex.
I'll have a small glass of Port and curl up in the corner...and if there is a slice or two of chedder, that would go good.
Thanks. I brought my own book.


McB said...

Think of it as the shady back porch. I think we stowed some lawnchairs under the porch and you might even stumble, well, crawl across a croquet set. And if it should turn chilly, we can throw some wood in the chimenea fireplace.

Just until the renovations are done, then I'm kicking you all out again.

Keziah Fenton said...

Look McB, everyone is quietly reading. Wait. Who brought the elephants with them? The livestock were not in any danger over at the B&G.
How are you feeling today Me? Any better?

me said...

Define "better." If I could breathe unhindered, I'd be fabulous. On the plus side, I've got lots of reading done.

I didn't bring the elephants, but if anyone sees a platypus anywhere, I've lost mine.

Keziah Fenton said...

A playpus, really? I've always wanted a platypus. They're so cool. Is yours named Hugh?

restin- what Me's been doing

GatorPerson said...

I'm inching more toward a Kindle 2. Just can't let McB get everything electronic shiny newer than I have. Anybody want to tell me* not to and why? I'm listening.

I did see a duck-billed well, duck, on the way through the door. Does that count?

mandpact? Is than anything like a womandpact? Maybe just bigger?

Eidlhe said...

Croquet is fun!!! who wants to play with me?!!! Spring is here!
My lilacs that I planted last year are budding as well. I'm so happy they survived.
/wave to everybody I'm still alive

Do me a favor and don't visit my blog....I haven't updated in a really looooong time.

hugs! Eid aka Pam

orangehands said...

It's probably all that alcohol lying around. Someone lit a candle and the attic went whoosh! Oh, hope the lurkers got out ok.

Merry: I did. The screen just turned darker shades of pink (and I had it on the high settings of evilness), and let's face it, pink is only scary when it's the clothing on fifteen screaming young girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. :)

I've felt nauseous all day. Good news is I'm going to use Passover as my excuse for missing my later class so I have the sick excuse still in reserve. (Ok, I think I need a better definition of good news.)

Hope you feel better ME!

getrosu: Get rowing, Sue!

Diane (TT) said...

I just had a lot of snacks (nice mild brie and a veggie tray with a lot of skinny asparagus!), so I don't need to make dinner. Yippee!

It has warmed up to near 60 from 35 this morning, so maybe it is our elephants that wandered over.

As for the platypus, better to have one named Hannah than Hugh: the males have a venomous spur. And they can't lay eggs.

deran: when you're too absent-minded to even get fully crazy.

Merry said...

OH, after the screen turns pink, it starts systematically eating your words, letter by letter, until you start typing again. Beware!

Speaking of bewaring, what are all these festively colored platypus eggs doing all over the place? Easter's not until Sunday!

uplaisse- uplaisse or mine, baby?

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

eidhle-I'd love to play croquet with you. For that I'd even get up for breakfast at six o'clock...again. I loved croquet as a kid. We used to play it all the time.

I guess you could go to my blog I put something on it last month. I'm still thinking about what I want to write next.

consal-I never knew that about good old Sal.

WapakGram said...

We still have our blasted elephants here. Will you westerners please push Spring this way? Or McB and wand it back this way.

OH- we were just going to light some candles to help the smell...thought we could see if me* could smell it...really and then and had to be the Tequila.

Louis. I brought Dogs and Goddesses to read again..BRB with a lawn chair. Did Merry bring all of hers from ORE? how sweet of her. Probably to keep us from landing THERE again.

roffe- what a doggie says when a stranger is coming.

Merry said...

GP? OH? Here's the solution to the Regifting Robin link.

(The rest of you please go back to platypus egg hunting ;)

It's based on a math trick. The formula is subtracting both digits of a 2-digit number from the number. Notice this pattern:

10 - 1 - 0 = 9
11 - 1 - 1 = 9
12 - 1 - 2 = 9
. . .
19 - 1 - 9 = 9
20 - 2 - 0 = 18
27 - 2 - 7 = 18
32 -2 - 3 = 27

Carry it on, every answer is a multiple of 9. In the gift table, all of the multiples of 9 have the same gift. Each time you play it, the gifts move around, but they are still all the same for multiples of 9.
It seems magic because you are only paying attention to the number you picked.

McB said...

Did somebody *gasp!* put math on my blog???

Wapak, I'm waving away but I think the best I can do is push our cold air back up to Canada.

GatorPerson said...

I didn't. Really. I just wouldn't do that. Well, maybe a prime or two.

stfan: the typesetter had used up all his e's, p's, and h's.

Lou said...

Hey everyone. Is it Word Press itself that causing the problem, or just our B&G? Thanks for letting us hang out here, McB.

The Internet at work has all sorts of blocks on it. One of them will not let me go to most blogs unless they have .com after them (like Jenny's and Bob's... and the B&G). So normally I can't get to the CBs personal blogs. But... I'm home teleworking today - so - HI!!

Hey eidlhe - good to hear from you.

OH - take care of yourself!!

We have elephants coming through here. It was lovely last week, then it turned cold and rainy again. We are even having a bit of snow in the mountains. We can use the water though, so no complaints.

formicat - is that a formitable cat??

K.L. said...

Has anyone heard back from Bryan? We could use some bail money if he needs it.

GatorPerson said...

Jenny's Argh uses WordPress, and it seems ok.

I tried to get into Bryan's blog. Couldn't. Ours. Couldn't. So I'm guessing it starts with his.

me said...

I could access Bryan's blog and his photography page.

Woke up last night suddenly afraid of the dark. I'm reading The Historian. Coincidence?

Wapak: nope, can't smell anything.

handefre: the name of my missing colored-egg-laying platypus

Xenia said...

I totally freaked out just now. I thought you all had ditched me. Serves me right for not popping in more often.

Me--I haven't read the Historian yet, but it's nearing the top of my TBR list. Let me know how you like it.

excouse--I have them in spades. For everything.

Diane (TT) said...

Busy day! But the sun is shining, so it's all good. I may try to make cinnamon rolls tonight, but I've got church stuff (including supper and choir), so we'll see how that works out. I wouldn't normally try on a Thursday, but it's someone's birthday tomorrow, so...

But I must buy butter and, if possible, potato flour. And probably yeast and a couple of oranges, while I'm at it. Going into a store is a dangerous thing!

Merry - thanks! That was bugging me* - I didn't notice all the gifts moving around.

Thanks for hosting us, McB! One of those cinnamon rolls will have your name on it in the morning (even if they don't actually get made, you can still have a virtual one!).

exica - a child after that easily disgusted stage

McB said...

Oooh, looking forward to that, TT!

I think if we don't hear something soon from Bryan, we might want to set up at least temporary shelter by way of another blog.

Merry said...

Is the platypus making too much noise? :(

vodedlet - the yodel of the female platypus, most often heard between 2 and 4 a.m.

Xenia said...

Oh sweet baby jebus, have you guys seen this yet?

How is it these people get published when there are so many wonderful CB writers who still need this honor? The mind is boggled.

me said...


Anonymous said...

OMBOB - I got lost on the way, and got all turned around, and I sat and pouted a while, then got back up and trudged on my way.

WHERE is the food? Chocolate? Ice Cream? Chocolate Ice Cream?

Missed you guys.

Marcia in OK

(I'm not really anonymous, but blogger hates me - seriously!)

Merry said...

Hey MinO! Have some port. I realize the cheddar looks like it's been nibbled by a platypus, but that's purely coincidental.

Oh my bob. That link was definitely NWFW. I'd never heard the term "lolPorn" before.

Merry said...

NWFW - Not Wise For Work

GatorPerson said...

Sir Verdigris? AKA Sir Green Copper Oxide. Really. Methinks the reviewer didn't like to book, not even a tad.

CMS, do you have a way of making real contact with Bryan?

fliato: A gastrointestinal phenomenon known only to platypi.

K.L. said...

I KNEW there was a very good reason to never, NEVER go into a Men's restroom.

McB said...

I think I'll wait until after I eat to read that. Verdigris? Really?

Heard from a friend today who made the mistake of mentioning politics to me*. She's conservative and getting more so as she gets older. That's fine but she only reads or listens to conservative media. It's always a mistake to limit your exposure. It keeps you from knowing all the facts. Me*, I read everything. Probably I could have argued her side too.

She started it.

Keziah Fenton said...

Brayn wrote a post on the B&G. It looks like he's moving this weekend so it might take awhile. In the meantime I've started looking into alternate homes for us. My friend who is a web designer is actually on her way over. We can keep wordpress for free and set it up in the next 24 hours. We might even be able to transfer some posts, but if the comment files are corrupted (really, OH turns 21 and then the blog is corrupted, sheesh) then there's not much we can do. I'll let you all know later tonight what we can do. It might be nice to have responsibility for everything in the hands of frequent users. Or not. Feel free to discuss how you feel about the mutiny I have underway.

McB said...

It would make sense to have more folks with troubleshooting authority who are around more.

K.L. said...

Mostly, I feel bad for putting this on Bryan when he has such a full plate. I'm agreeable to moving if it makes things easier. It looks like we are in it for the long haul, so we want our digs to be easily maintained.

Merry said...

Would it be possible to repaint the walls a slightly less bright shade of yellow? Or is that a horrible suggestion?

turears - et tu, rears?

McB said...

Thanks, Bryan - assuming you're listening. It's a lot to put on you. Thanks for putting up with us. We've had more than two years so I guess we are due a few bumps.

Keziah Fenton said...

What ever colour you people want...I think. We just got home from the train station so it will be awhile til we get to this project but if everyone agrees to moving then throw out your wish list now. I'll see what we can do. One of the things I'd like to see is more than one admin so that problems can be solved quickly by more than one person. Bryan has been quite generously housed us for a couple of years. I think we're old enough now to get our own place.

Wapak said...

We have a website for our choir and the guy who set it up has a blog and he is a swell guy. And he graduated from our BGSU so I can vouch that he knows what he is doing.
Just yell if you want me to contact him.
And I do think we need to paint...are we into HGTV's new grey's or sticking with the neutrals?
cytroph- A 1 eyed trophy?

wapak said...


Take your pick.

comesse- to get going- to move in a hurry

McB said...

Colors that are easier on the eyes. Wood paneling, red leather booths, a ceiling fan.

BCB said...

Geez, leave you all alone for a day and it takes half the night to catch up.

Personally, I would LOVE to use the gorgeous CB logo a certain someone spent hours of effort to create for us, way back when. Just saying. And a colour scheme that is, well, a lot LESS colourful. So that if a certain boss-type person walks up behind you while you're viewing it, you can pretend it's something work related that you were just in the process of quickly closing down. Very hard to do that with a mustard yellow screen. [Sorry, I have never liked those colours.]

My macbook has a program that creates websites. I was messing around with it a couple weeks ago, designing one for myself, for "someday." It's a lot of fun and ridiculously easy. Not that I'm volunteering to make one, necessarily, just throwing out a (free) option. It would be very plain and not at all fancy, but I could do it, no problem.

I might not be around much the next several days. Working tomorrow, then three days off. My son and his GF and my daughter and her BF are here for the long weekend. That's one hell of a lot of metabolism to feed. I'll be busy.

Oh, I almost forgot! Here is a website my DD's BF showed me that had all of us laughing ourselves silly earlier:


BCB said...

Um, if we're talking about just setting up a new blog (as opposed to a website) that's even easier. But it might be fun to have a website.

I really don't think we have to stress about moving over old posts and comments, do you? I mean, c'mon, do any of you actually go back and re-read that stuff? Please say no.

crobar: blogger's suggestion of a solution to freeing the comments at the old place

BCB said...

LOL! This is the verification on the next comment. I couldn't resist:

ackses: what we're lacking!

I'm done now. Really.

Keziah Fenton said...

My web guru who is visiting this weekend suggested we use to host our website. It's approximately $12 a year for the domain name and $4 a month to host the blog. Of course we're doing it up here from Canada so it might be different down there.

No we do not have to move things over. And I would love to see the CB logo (red, black and white work really well for me*) We do need to be able to have multiple authors(who can act as admins or moderators), and a good spam filter. Anything else we want?

McB said...

I don't think saving all the posts is necessary. It would be nice but not necessary. Once in a while I've done a search looking for something I remember being mentioned, but I could live without that.

I'd miss the Moot signal but I would get over it. Something that has a Ricks Place feeling. I don't know what color that is. That doesn't help, does it? We could use the martini glass logo which I've always liked.

McB said...

I like the idea of a page where we can keep lists of things like books and auhors, movies stuff that we really rave about. Not critiques because that's not what we do. Just someplace to store this kind of thing so it's accessible. We talked about it before. And I like having the links to Bob and Jenny' places as a nod to our roots and the CB blogs if the authors wish. .

BCB said...

Rick? Who the hell is Rick? Is this like that Rickroll thing? I know, I know, Casa-whatever. Too smokey for me.

I think the posts themselves could be copied over pretty easily. Not the comments, though, if they're truly corrupted. But we've known about that from the beginning. [grin]

You know, at the time (waaay back when) I liked the Cherry Bomb logo the best -- the one with the cherry and the bomb and the entwined stem/fuse. BUT, over time, I feel less and less like a "cherry bomb" and more like a "CB" and my choice for an "official" logo would be the red martini glass logo with "The CB Bar and Grill" words above it. If you're not sure you remember any of these, go to the old blog and click on the CafePress link to see them displayed on merchandise.

I have a white mug with the martini glass logo on it that my sister made for me. It sits on my desk where I see it every day. I love it.

We could stick with a simple blog. Or we could have a website with different pages -- for different stuff. Pictures, travel itineraries, birthdays. Stuff. Maybe some could be private. Password protected. Or something.

Or we could just have a blog. Nothing wrong with just a blog.

My request is that we keep it simple and classy. No flowers. No music. No swirly things. No crafts. No flashing things (seriously, McB, you LIKE the alligator?!). And by god, if it turns out to be pink or purple I will resign as a CB. Forever.

Not that I'm opinionated or anything. [sigh]

wayess: perhaps blogger agrees?

Merry said...

Okay, so that's one vote for a purple-and-pink neon plaid flashing banner, right?

I'm off to California, though without the banjo on my knee. Hopefully the elephants will not get restless through the pass. (They're saying "light" snow showers. I'm saying rental cars don't carry chains.)

Even more dangerously, the Gem & Jewelry show is on this weekend! This means shopping... dread music in the background... With... My... Mother... oh, this could be fraught with peril.

Have a wonderful Easter & fantastic Passover everyone!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to comment. My computer (much like the one where I used to work) doesn't like things that actually say blog. So keep that in mind. Good news. My mom got a good report Wednesday about her tests. She doesn't have to do anything for two months. Next week I don't know if I will be able to get here. I have training four days. Four days, I will have to actually sleep in the middle of the night and so not visit cyber space.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oops, last anon was moi, cbpen. As is this one. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to add one more (since it's working for me)

fumpo How I feel some days. :)


Wapak said...

I say we take Moot and Cerise and The CB BAR and Grill AND the Cherry bomb with the martini glass.
IF we wouldn't have had Moot, we wouldn't have met on Jennyand Bob's blog. And Cerise brought us all together as Cherry Bombs in Dayton. Sort of like archives.

What would that cost come to in US $$????? :-)

atical- what CB's feel like when they only have time to lurk

McB said...

I think keeping it simple is good. Not busy, not colorful. The blog is the important thing but if we have the ability to add a page (passworded for stuff like b'days and info on meets) we could let the mascots hang there.

GatorPerson said...

I like having access to our personal blogs, etc. on the 1st page. I think it's an excellent idea to have more than one person able to fix things up. If we care about backing up stuff, I would prefer it to be part of the site provider so's we don't have to do it.

I'm trying to get everybody's personal blog sites entered into my favs just in case the whole B&G blows up.

I'm getting tire of entering my whole user name and password to Blogger.

McB said...

You could choose name/URL then you wouldn't need the password.

Diane (TT) said...

GP - you could just use the Name/ URL function, so you can just be yourself and unpassworded;that's what I do since Blogger decided it had NO idea who I was when I tried to log in but knew me well enough so that I couldn't re-register myself!

I was sorta hoping for a purple background with pink flowers on it, but will contain my disappointment.

The martini glass was my fave, too.

McB - you go right ahead and enjoy that cinnamon roll. No one else gets one this morning, because the bread machine didn't get the dough mixed up over night (I dunno why it sometimes fails to move the ingredients - I could hear the paddle moving at the bottom, which is why I wandered off to bed, but came back this a.m. to undisturbed flour and yeast on top). So, the rolls are doing a cool rise in the fridge and I'll bake 'em this evening and take them to my "set up for 2 Easter services" meeting tomorrow morning.

adeases: remedies for when you're feeling bleah.

McB said...

thanks, TT, it's delicious.

Yeah, I like the alligator. But I'm ready to move away from yellow walls with pink and green trim.

Since the B&G exists mostly in our heads, we don't need a lot of frou-frou. We've never been about advertising ourselves, so I think it makes sense to stay low-key. A neutral background, simple trim, easy to read font, and the logo (we seem to be favoring the martini glass) with options to links and add a page if want to.

I'm going to tweak the colors of my blog a little so we can get some ideas. I like this dark font on cream background, for example.

luplami: it's a cross between origami and crochet

McB said...

Pen! Great news about your mom!

BCB said...

Looks pink to me . . .

I always suspected McB was trying to get rid of me. It's a conspiracy.

McB said...

Aha! I think we've discovered the root of your craft-phobia. You're color blind.

I'm just fooling around with possibilities, not recommending any.

Keziah Fenton said...

Those godaddy fes were in American apparently. I liked wordpress, it can have multiple authors and pages. I also vote for simple. And the Moot signal could be simpler, not flashing and merely on the sidebar. Links to each other's blogs as well as His and Hers are a necessity.
We're having brunch with my parents, swimming Casey then researching technical options. But simple is our key because none of us are programmers(those brilliant people wandered off, were we too demanding?) Maybe we could bury a craft page so BCB would never accidentally trip across such horrors ever again. Oh, btw, you can never stop being a CB, you can disappear but we will hunt you down and find you(OH is real good at that)

mesub - what happens when you forget the *

Eidlhe said...

I'll follow you all around any where you go. :) I'll pop in here to keep track of any decisions that get made.

McB said...

We have money in the bail fund to at least get us underway.

BCB said...

Nope. It's pink. Pink-ish. What's wrong with white?

So we have to find a name/url that doesn't have the word "blog" in it? And maybe one that doesn't have "bar & grill" in it? How about CBBANDG?

I ended up switching days off (at the kids' request), so I'm home today. A decision I'm sure I'll regret come Monday morning. Oh well.

Great news, CBPen! Safe travels, Merry.

Xenia, I finally had a chance to read that review. OMG. That was hilarious. In a pitiful kind of way. I know sometimes erotica can sound really awful when scenes are out of context, but I can't imagine ANY context where those excerpts would be, um, palatable. Wow. What were they thinking?

Off to cook some stuff now.

bereda: French for dad's hat

Cary said...

Poor Bryan. Sounds like his plate is full.

I'm with BCB on the colors. Not a lot of financial websites have florid yellow backgrounds with flashing neon lipstick-ed gators.

My boss and his wife had a healthy baby boy! A whopping 8 pounder, which is really big considering that the doc did a c-section nearly three weeks before the due date. I'm so happy for them. After last year's stillbirth, they've been so anxious with this pregnancy...

GP said...

I'll try the URL thingie again.

I vote for a slight difference:CBBandG if it'll take lower case.

K.L. said...

I prefer a web site. I think we will want the expandable capabilities of a web site over a simple blog. And we can have more control to keep out the spam monkeys. I am also all for the martini glass.

For the record, today McB's background looks cream with a blue side/border. Not sure that will go with the red/white/black tone of the martini glass. Not sure we can actually pick working colors till we see them with the logo.

McB said...

A slight tint to the background can be easier on the eyes than stark white, but I think most of us are ready to move on from the neon colors. That doesn't seem to be in question.

BCB said...

McB I agree abut the tint. Stark white can be harsh. As long as it's not a PINK tint. Cream is good.

The caps or lack of caps doesn't matter. You can type it either way, same site. I'm over at GoDaddy now and is available. Should I buy it? $9.99

Any objections?

We sure we want to do this? Regardless of whether Bryan can fix the old place?

McB said...

CMS and her friend are looking at options, including GoDaddy (I got a chat message from her a moment ago) She's going to let us know this afternoon what the options are, how many authors it will allow and admin options. So I think hold off on buying just now. FYI to all, we've got about $80 in the bailfund not allocated for anything.

I think we do want new digs if only to spread the admin authority around more, and have the option to tweak things like the color scheme. Unless you secretly have a neon fetish.

BCB said...

Yeah, well, I'm not known for being patient. So I bought it. Cost a bit more to make it a private registration, but I'll cover the difference on that. I'm sure we can adjust settings as needed. Will check back later.

Keziah Fenton said...

godaddy uses quickblog. Everyone go look at it if you can. It's easy to get around, gives lots of options and multiple authors. We've emailed to clarify the number of authors but it's Good Friday so we don't expect a response until tomorrow. When I'll be at work all day.
I just tried to sign into so I could mess around with the martini glass logo and all the colors on my website but permission was denied. I wasn't invited?? So if anyone can play with that colour scheme that would be helpful.

to view a basic godaddy quickblog in use go to

Bryan's been a good host but that was never supposed to be a permanent home for the B&G. G-G's moving and getting rid of her pink bathroom. We can do the same. Not that there's anything wrong with lime green and pink - if it's a margarita with a cherry on top

allsing - Wapak hijacked the blog :D

Keziah Fenton said...

Ok. That was fast. Stashaholic says we'll never get a cheaper host so yeah! Let's start designing the blog. I guess this puts BCB in charge LOL

BCB said...

Nonono. All I did was buy the domain name. So we wouldn't lose it. We can still do a WordPress blog. You can have 35 users and lots of pages. It also says we can import content from existing blogs, but do we want to do that?

And if we want the url to be instead of it only costs $10/yr more. Which I think we should do.

Oh, and the martini glass logo (like all the others she did for us) are copyrighted. We have permission to use them, but can't change anything on them. So no messing with colours and stuff. We either use them or don't.

Keziah Fenton said...

I meant we could mess with t he fonts and colours around the martini glass not alter the logo.

If we stay with wordpress and pay the extra to have wordpress out of the url, it will be exactly what we had at Bryan's. Only we can redecorate.

We've moved onto spinning at my house. And laughing at the cat who just got freaked out by a wild bird who flew past the windowsill in which he was sitting.

BCB said...

Okay, I'm going to try to set up a WordPress blog. Just as a sample. Because the kids are all out and about and I'm bored. It's free at this point and we can always delete it if I screw it up. Which I will.

Stay tuned. Or not.

arkbaw: blogger is laughing at me

Merry said...

So... is BCB's new title going to be the domain-name-trix?

pedfacep - foot-in-face, which is even more embarrassing than foot-in-mouth, not to say more painful.

McB said...

IIRC, the "ideas" blog was set up by Lori, so our inability to access it is her fault, naturally. However, the martini glass is one of the ones featured on the cafe press page

I rather like that one because the cherry bomb motif is there but discrete.

My first reaction to the idea of keeping WordPress is: if we're moving to a new place, let's make it really new. *BUT* that's without giving it any real thought so by all means let's run that kilt up the stripper pole and examine it from all sides, heh.

If we keep the WordPress part, would that mean two different things to administer?

wapak said...

I posed these questions to my guy and maybe I'll get some quick answers.

Another blog I play on is a sports blog. (YES I KNOW) but would we want to be able to SEE all the topics like this- and possibly divided into- BOOKS- TRAVEL- And Normal CB Stuff? Then we could go back easier.
PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A MANLY MAN PLACE AND I am just posting it for ideas.

if you have to log in
Always a Falcon wapakmom

fiskint- what they do at the airport after they wand you.

Anonymous said...

My wordpress web site God just got back with me and said he would and could take us. Though he wasn't sure at first look if he could fix what we broke. I told him that wasn't the main problem.

I've worked with him for 2 years now and he is always right on the spot. He is a web/blog guy for a TV station that wants you to watch the computer for news until 6:00 and then watch TV! So he is always on the computer and has given me coverage when he goes on vacation to another friend.

So not to step on any Canandian toes.....what sayeth you all?

He is used to "over achieving women" since he works with me. :-)

segusome- when you need words to get to a new paragraph.

WAPAK said...

Ok- that was not to be anonymous
its me*
And how are you Me?
sqxzn- a sneeze!

McB said...

Well, we can't do the fixing anyway, since we are hosted by Bryan and have no admin authority beyond authoring. So I don't think there's much your guy can do about the old digs.

I think we get a website and set up the blog first. Then we can tinker with it.

Wapak, the downside to the forums format used in your sports site is that folks are expected to stay on topic ... Us? Yeah, that's gonna happen. And who's going to be brave enough to moderate?

Keziah Fenton said...

No one is stepping on my toes. I simply got the ball rolling, so to speak. I ain't moderating no body :D

I'd focus on the blog first and foremost as that's where we live - the rest is window dressing. As long as we have categories, and use them, I think we'd be okay.

BCB said...

Okay, it's still really rough, but it's a place to start. I'm going to have to learn some CSS to adjust the header enough to accept our logo instead of what's there. I think. I can change the colour of the header words to match the logo.

The comment setting right now requires each commenter to be approved the FIRST time they comment (meaning you will go to moderation hell, but I will save you). But every time after that you'll go right through. I also set comments to go to moderation if you use MORE THAN 3 links in a comment, so don't do that.

Anyway. Go over there and check it out and make a few comments and see if you like the format. It just has a "get started" post up right now -- I didn't write one.

We can add pages and they can be public, private or password protected (meaning people can see there's a page there, but need pw to get in). I haven't added any other authors yet, but can do that easily (just time consuming). We can re-name stuff. Tell me what you like/don't like. We'll go from there. It absolutely WILL NOT hurt my feelings if you don't like it or want to do something entirely different.

Right now it's here:

[Later, if we decide we like this format, it will not have the wordpress part in there, but that costs money.]

K.L. said...

I went, I commented. It worked.

If we stay with that format, I will just say that it would be nice to have some sort of comment break to make it easier to distinguish between one commenter and the next one.

K.L. said...

Also, we should put a link to the new location from the old location, like McB did for here. That way we can just go straight there to test things out.

Lori said...

You get get on the cherrybomb ideas blog now.

Sorry. I was playing around with settings on that blog when we talked about setting up a place to put up pictures that only people who had permission could access. Um, so I know that works :)

Going now.

tiessefi: Sounds almost as kinky as what happens in Knight Moves

OH said...

Well, hello all. I've been playing at the other place (the wordpress blog BCB set up).

All sounds good to me*. (Except wapa your sport blog cause that ain't a blog, that's a forum. Tricky, but I caught you.)

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