Wednesday, September 3

Yarn Tails

I've got a few things I'm working on. Over the long weekend I tackled the sleeveless top I had worked on in June. It was supposed to be finished, but I was never really happy with the edging aroung the armholes. And I had no excuse for ignoring it because I had spare yarn and I knew the edging would be easy enough to unravel without harming the the rest of the garment. I don't know why it took me this long to fix it, because it's only a few rows around. Anyway, it's done. The original edging had an odd flair to it that was unintentional and seemed to get more obvious as the fabric softened. I don't know what went wrong. This time I added slight decreases with each round and I'm much happier.

Nearly finished with the t-shirt. Into the home stretch, anyway. The back side is completely done and I'm into the sleeve portion of the front (working bottom to top) so this should be done in a few weeks, tops. I'm debating giving the pieces a soak in hot water to tighten the stitches. Probably I should experiment on the swatch first. Here is a picture of the work in progress. Note that I still need to work in the neckline, in addition to to finishing the sleeves.

Oh, and I've been fooling around with knitting! I learned as a child, same as I did crochet. I took to crochet more readily but I've encountered so many tempting knit patterns recently that I'm thinking I want to try it again. I picked up one of those "teach yourself" kits and tried out a few stitches one afternoon. Just knit and purl, and getting the hang of binding off to finish a piece. I need to work with more techniques but I think this might work out. The kit included two sizes of needles and a booklet with decent illustrations. We'll see, but I'm feeling inspired.


Merry said...

Scary-looking kit. I can just see myself tangled up in a ball of yarn and piteously calling for someone to unravel me. [shudder]
If we don't hear from you in awhile, I'll send out the Mounties.

jgjpiyqf = what, you don't understand perfectly clear knitting instructions?

McB said...

You'll send Mounties? Well there goes my incentive.

rssasrb said...

Both your shirts look beautiful. You do amazing work.

Merry is right. I'd run and hide from that kit. Then again, I was never any good at that type of handwork.

McB said...

Most of what is in the kit is for show. Possibly useful once you get into it, but not absolutely necessary for beginners. I guess they didn't think two sticks and a booklet was snazzy enough.

Theresa said...

Oooh, very pretty tops!

I haven't seemed to move past the scarf stage when it comes to knitting. And I've got some very fun sock yarn that has been waiting for me for months. Oh well, maybe over Christmas...