Tuesday, December 18

Itchy Fingers

I've been keeping my crochet hook busy. My latest finished project has taken me several months, and is my most ambitious project by far. I've never made a garment before, other than the odd baby sweater. And they don't count because babies don't really care if a sleeve isn't perfect or a seam is a bit off. But I had run out of people to make afghans for and my fingers were itching to start something new so I poked around on-line at various websites devoted to yarns and patterns. Most of the best patterns are for knitters, and someday I'll have to brush up on my needlework and try a few. It's been a lot of years and I never did feel as comfortable with knitting needles as I do a crochet hook. That was then and this is now, as the saying goes, and maybe I'll feel differently now.

I did find this one pattern for a bolero which looked simple enough. Ha. The stitches themselves were simple, just a lot of double crochets. My problem was two-fold: first, with a garment you must pay attention to gauge (stitches/rows per inch) and you must get it right otherwise the pieces won't match up when it comes time to stitch them together. Second, I used a different kind of yarn for the very first time and until I adjusted it was very tricky to work with.

I know, this isn't what you think of when you hear the word "yarn." It's really more of a ribbon, and more specifically what they call a "ladder" or "trellis" ribbon. It's a bit like stitching together cobwebs, but is also amazingly strong and has a beautiful drape. I really shouldn't have done my first major project with this, but how could I pass up those colors? And I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Well worth all the tearing out and restitching.

My next project should be much simpler, but I'm still pretty excited about it. I have new furniture in solid colors and it needs some jazzing up with pillows. So I found this pattern:

I liked the way the stripes reverse, and I liked that the pattern calls for different textures of yarn. To me texture is even more important than color in the things I crochet because they are meant to be felt, whether it's an afghan or anything else. It's all about how it feels. In this case it's all done in Homespun (a nubby yarn) and chenille. I'm planning to use a combo of the chenille in a few different jewel tones and some faux suede yarn with just a little Homespun for accent. It should result in a nice, soft pillow. We'll see.


Mary needs a cooler name... said...

Trying to crotchet is a sure way to make me crotchety.

cegsmo - Italian for "I am impressed with your craftiness!"

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

My friend taught me to crochet single stitch and I made an afghan out of squares but I never quite got the hang of it. I think it makes up much faster than knitting, which I do.

Mcb, my dear, sweet, person sometimes you are so profound. I have read some of your comments on other blogs and on the B&G and you amaze me. Besides that you are such a kind person to your friends...all of us CBs especially. Thank you for being you.

Merry Christmas

ufgprn Usually friendly girl, profoundly really nice. :-)

GatorPerson said...

Beautiful bolero. Just beautiful!

jenb said...

McB, your bolero is absolutely gorgeous! Sure would love to see a picture of you wearing it.
And ditto to what Scope said.
You are one very special lady.

Diane (TT) said...

The bolero is lovely! Congrats on your courage, trying a new medium like that ribbon - I've never used it, but it certainly rewarded your efforts.

nhbxs: new habits befuddle Xenophon's system

McB said...

Thanks, everyone, for the very kind words. Scope, you make me blush.