Sunday, December 30

Fa la la la, what?

  • What is the point of putting waterless hand santizing gel in a bathroom with hot and cold running water and all the hand soap you could ask for?

  • Actual quote from actual e-mail to my boss recieved from another assistant re her boss: "X gave me his list of gifts for the clients; please let me know if you would like for me to take care of ordering them for him." WTF? What does she think she's supposed to do with it?

  • I don't eat shellfish so maybe I'm just missing something here. But I saw a sign on a salad bar recently that said "fake crabmeat." If it's not crab, then what is it? And if it's something else why don't they just say so? Although I'll give them points for flat out honesty.

  • I got this great gift from my bosses this year; an iHome clock radio with tons of bells and whistles. I'm still getting it all figured out, and had a few adventures, but I love it. One thing, though. It's got the possibility for 12 radio station presets if you include a.m. Twelve radio stations? Does anyone really have twelve radio stations that they like enough to have preset on their bedside clock radio? I don't think I can name twelve different music genres, even throwing in talk radio, to use them all. Now I can see it for car radios because you can easily drive in and out of station range so lots of presets is handy. But my clock radio, being attached as it is to the power cord, pretty much stays next to the bed. And my house, unlike Dorothy's, also stays where it's put. So ... twelve?

  • I was a good girl this year and Santa paid attention. Two favorite gifts received: (1) down-filled pillow top mattress cover. I could roll myself up in this and sleep on the floor if necessary, it's just that comfortable. (2) "Thrones, Dominations" by Dorothy L. Sayers & Jill Paton Walsh, complete and unabridged in CD audiobook. I love love love Lord Peter Wimsey and my excitement at discovering that Ms. Walsh had not only brought him back via story notes left by Ms. Sayers, but she had done such an excellent job of it that, really, I can't tell where Sayers ends and Walsh picks up. I own the hardcopy and it's been reread several times. The audiobook has been much harder to get ahold of. Pretty much a special order from My sister must have been feeling guilty for something when I mentioned how much I wanted it. Did I mention that it's read by the incomparable Ian Carmichael? It doesn't get much better. I am, as I type this, ripping the CDs so that I can listen to the story at my leisure on my iPod.

    Mary needs a cooler name... said...

    Score! Good work, Santa!

    I love Ian Carmichael reading Lord Peter. This would be a good day to wrap yourself up in something warm and fluffy and listen to a great story.

    McB said...

    I've got it all ripped onto my iPod now, and ready to go. Mom and I have been watching the Midsomer Murder DVDs I got her for Christmas, but I'm planning some quality time with Lord Peter real soon. And Bunter. I just love Bunter.

    me said...

    fake crabmeat, or "krabmeat" as I've seen it written, is really some other sort of fish, I forget which one now, something cheap, plus foodcoloring. My mother's allergic to Krab.

    Sounds like you were a good girl indeed! I'm with Mary, wrap up in the down and read.

    LtL said...

    I've heard that Dorothy L was kind of in love with Lord P. I would be.

    Fake Crabmeat is monkfish. That's a terrible name, monkfish. I actually like this stuff, though it does have some carbs, so if that's what you count, be aware of it. It tastes relatively like crab, which I love but don't eat because of the conditions under which it is harvested. It's fish, not shellfish, so probably has less cholesterol. Good in sandwiches & salads, IMO. Very enjoyable post!

    Keziah Fenton said...

    Here it's pollock. Not the artist. That would be creepy.