Tuesday, July 31

Happy Harriet Homeowner - Part Two

I've been keeping busy with various projects lately. I'm not normally someone who needs to keep busy; in truth I love lazy days with a good book and there's not much that I don't think can be put off while I read. I'm still doing some reading, and in fact I've promised myself a week or two down time to catch up with my TBR pile. But I've had stuff that had to get done, or maybe I just felt like I needed to be doing. Things like installing a new shower head. The old one was ancient and getting a bit grungy. New one is really sleak. I'm pleased.

I also put up a new thingie over the back of the basement door to hang the ironing board on. Used to keep it in the basement washroom, but it was way to easy to let it pile up and tell myself I'll catch up on it later. Plus this way it's convenient and easy for mom to use as well. Along with that, I hung another thingie (are these technical terms too much?) to hold our brooms and dustmops just inside the basement door. I even used a level and everything.

It hasn't been all dirty chores though. Or I guess I should say that a few things other than chores did involve actual dirt:

Finally got around to sticking a few more things in the ground. It was a little late in the season and we haven't had much rain but they're doing okay, I think.

And this is my CherryBomb plant that Dee and RSS delivered. Isn't it gorgeous? The tag doesn't actually call it that; according to the tag, it's a hibiscus. But I know the truth. And along with it I received a lovely dinner out that included margaritas and much laughter. I've got really good people in my life.

But you know how it goes with gardens. Sometimes a few things turn up that you don't remember planting.

And some things start turning up as a side effect of planting.

And along the way I finished two afghans that I had deadlines for. One for a wedding that was only a little bit late (the gift, not the wedding. As far as I know that went off as scheduled). And one for a really new neighbor. But I showed you those already in a previous post. I'm well pleased with both of them. I made the mistake of browsing through some other patterns, though, and now my fingers are just itching to hold a crochet hook again. But I've promised myself I would get to that TBR pile, so I'm going to hold off just a little bit longer. Harry and the gang have waited for me long enough.


Mary said...

Interesting thought... can you plant cats? (What, that wasn't what the picture was illustrating?)

I love the pictures of your garden. You /almost/ inspire me to reciprocate. The only thing that holds me back is the knowledge of what my balcony looks like at the moment.

Silly me, I thought if I planted squash and pumpkin in containers, the plants would be 'contained', as it were. Foolish thought, as my next-door-balcony neighbor very kindly pointed out to me. (Though she says she doesn't mind having a squash vine commandeer half her balcony, which is very nice of her. I think she likes squash.)

Um... by the way, McB, how do you feel about squash? One of my plants is twining eastward e'en as I type.

McB said...

I happen to have a good pasta recipe that calls for squash. I'll keep an eye open.

You know, if you can talk the other balcony neighbors into it, you could get a nice neighborhood garden going that way.

Mary said...

Are we at the stage in our friendship when we can share squash recipes? I can shortly foresee a time when this question will become extremely important. (Four buttercup squash seedlings and four pumpkin seedlings... surely, thought I, it's good to have so many since they all won't survive... O Foolish thought...)

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

I swear, Mary, pumpkin and squash seedlings cannot be killed. I wouldn't be surprised to see your plants end up here in Canada right around harvest time. Thanks.

Beautiful garden Mcb. When do you have time for all this and handy work too? Good for you. Keep up the good work sweetheart.

McB said...

Slice and sautee in olive oil until tender. Add diced onions, tomatoes (chunks), sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, black olives, a little parmesian. Toss with angel hair pasta adding additional olive oil if necessary. Serve with a dollop each of marinara and pesto sauce on top.

Mary said...

That sounds delicious! Now I'm looking forward to trying it.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Looks beautiful. I have a black thumb so must only plant was is already going in an area that has automatic sprinklers. Sadly, I get to forgetful otherwise.

I found you via a like Jayne Ann Krentz interest.

Re: an early post. I don't knit either, but I do cross stitch, when I have the time, which is never.

McB said...

Hi Candace. JAK ... what's not to like? Or NR for that matter. Right now I'm all a-twitter over the new Crusie-Mayer collab coming out next week.