Sunday, December 20

I Think Its Going To Be A White Christmas

I know there's still a few days to go, yet, but the forecasters don't think we'll get above freezing for the next two days, and I do believe it will take more than one warm day to get rid of it all. This pic to the right was taken late afternoon yesterday. I actually had shoveled everything out once, but there was no way to keep up with it. I paid a kid $5 to take a final pass behind my car and left the sidewalk for today. It's a light, powdery snow, so it shouldn't be to hard to move, but the stuff behind my car was pushed there by multiple passes of the plow and was in danger of becoming packed.

The street light on the crest of the new fallen snow gave a luster of mid-day to objects below. The haziness you see just outside the light's halo is actually more snow falling. This one was taken about 9 p.m. last night. Yes, night time. Without flash. All that snow glows and reflects the smallest amoung of light. As you can see, these neighbors didn't even attempt a rudimentary dig out yesterday.

And finally, my back deck this morning. I's a bright sunny day, very pretty and all the snow is sparkling like jewels; but it's only 26° so I'm guessing we won't be using the deck for a few days.


Theresa said...

Dear Bob, that's a lot of snow.

GatorPerson said...

Yep, Mr. D. can go without his leash after dark. Because, well, it's not after dark, and I can see him.

We definitely have sunshine now, unlike yesterday's tease. Maybe a whitish XMas here, too.

Pretty pics, but, la, I do love green. And WARM.

cuddevel? Is that a mean cow?

Eidlhe said...

Wow McB! That's a lot of snow. I'm sure my kids would be in hog heaven if we were there right now.

jennifer said...

It is beautiful.
Now you just need to wave your wand
and make it go far far away.

WapakGram said...

Lovely pictures- if they were in a book and you didn't have to deal with the white stuff. So glad you got the deck done so you could have the lovely snow topiaries.

Take great care of yourself- you belong to a lot of people!

trismsd- A small child trying to say Christmas.

McB said...

white stuff has been dealt with. For one thing am I grateful ... each townhouse in the 'hood is assigned two parking spaces. I have only one car, so I could dump snow in the extra spot. Others on the street have to carry shovelfuls small distances when they are getting the cars clear. The nearest houses, seeing that I am not worried about clearing that space are also dumping some of their snow here. It's entirely possible there will still be snow in that space come April.

The Merry said...

The only thing missing from those pictures was the snowman-in-kilts :)

soante - the small amount that you raise when you're not really enthused about your hand of poker

orangehands said...

oh, pretty.

- response from sunny southern CA

McB said...

Merry it's a dry snow (someone explain that to OH) so not great for shaping kilts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty like here (only we got half) but.... The neighbor plowed the driveway yesterday because he knew we were going to the funeral. The backyard is very Ansel Adams. If I had a roll of b/w film.... And I could talk myself into trudging thru it.... And I had boots.... Must say you are welcome to having twice as much as we got. :)

bilitica: maybe some version of billiards


Lori said...

Sorry, but if you can still make out the whole shapes of cars... it doesn't count as a real snowstorm.

You get a B+ for effort though.

McB said...

Well, excuuuuuuse me, Ms. Minnesota.

BCB said...

Merry Christmas, McB! Lovely job decorating over here with all this snow! Hope you still have some left today (and that it's still pretty and white).

Thank you SO MUCH for the socks! I finally got SOCKS for Christmas! That made me very happy. And the kids LTAO. ;)

After all the time and effort you spent being "nice" this year, hope Santa was very very good to you.

laurot: the ancient practice of reading laurel leaves to tell fortunes

McB said...

I told my sister I Wanted slippers. I told her the brand and style and size. In fact I told her the first two twice and the third 3 times. I'm starting to worry about that girl but she came through with my Old Friends suede slides with the genuine fleece lining. I'm happy. My size was tricky to find but she did.

Keziah Fenton said...

Merry Christmas McB
Very beautiful. We have lots and lots of deep puddles from all the rain. :( Aren't we a tad bit north of you up here in Canada?
I got slippers too!