Friday, May 1


Well, the economy is in the tank, and everyone is watching their pennies, cutting back where they can, making choices about just what is really necessary in their lives.

Apparently, I've decided that anything which feeds my yarn addiction is a necessity. Thus did I, in recent months, purchase two back issues of Interweave Crochet, a set of bamboo crochet hooks (because I can't afford the rosewood hooks, that's why), and yet more yarn.

The scarf in the photo over there on your right is the result of two of those purchases. The pattern is called La Mer and was designed by Cheryl Means. I spotted a picture of it while browsing patterns and decided that I had to make it. The pattern was printed in the Summer 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet so, of course, I had to buy the back issue to get the pattern. Then I had to find just the right yarn to show off the pattern and came home from a trip to my local yarn store with a few skeins of Jojoland™ Melody Superwash. And since the pattern indicated a beaded fringe, I made a stop the next day at Michaels for some gorgeous glass beads to go with the yarn. But ultimately it was worth it, I think, because I love the final product. It's going to be a belated birthday gift for my niece.

I had also done another scarf, pictured on the left, with some left over Simply Shetland Silk & Lambswool. No extra cost there, but two scarves in a row left me feeling a little itchy for a new challenge.

I've had this pattern for a sweater using the broomstick stitch which I got about a year ago - uh, the pattern, not the stitch. But I had not done this stitch before and the pattern emphasized that a really well draping yarn was required to get the look of the garment just right so I've been holding off on it. I think it's time. I found the right yarn, but it didn't come cheap. However, as the owner of my local yarn store says "yarn doesn't go bad"; and if the sweater is a bust, I figure I can always make another, really, REALLY nice scarf ... or three or four.

Okay, clearly I have a yarn addiction. But it's keeping me out of pool halls and away from the evils of drink. Sort of.


Merry said...

At least it's a beautiful addiction. (Hypodermic needs aren't nearly as photogenic.)

reeri -- really eerie

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

Pretty, pretty scarves. I would really like to see the sweater because the basket weave sounds like the first sweater I made for Jim. Of course it had one very long arm and one very short but it was my first ever sweater and my mother, a first class knitter, picked the pattern.

skine-skine, skein whatever you call it is still yarn.

WapakGram said...

Beautiful work my dear. Don't worry about the evils of drink. After all this work, drink should be a necessity!

denose- What's on your face in Joisey

Theresa said...

Pretty, pretty. Makes me want to dig out my knitting needles. Or my crosstitch. Or something crafty.

McB said...

Thank you for the support. And Scope, there will be a picture of the sweater eventually. It's started, but not quite far enough along to look like much just yet.

This past weekend I got requests from my nephews for hats. The DN16wants the kind with earflaps; DN12 wants a retro-style stocking cap (the long pointy kind?) and has specifically requested orange and purple. Marches to his own drummer, that kid does.