Tuesday, February 24

I'm Working On It

About a year ago I picked up some paint chips to get ideas for the hallway. No, I still haven't painted, or even definitely decided on the color. It will be some shade of green, probably in the khaki or sage family. I will get to it. Eventually.

I'm still in the process of decluttering drawers and closets. I have started and each small accomplishment gives me a sense of peace that keeps me going. But, you know, there are other things that have to get done, too. Like laundry and cleaning the kitchen floor. And while I could find more time to devote to the decluttering project, it would take away from more fun stuff and there's not enough fun stuff as it is. But I'm getting to it little by little.

There are still some tree branches I didn't get to last fall because I couldn't quite reach them and decided that tree trimming is fine while my feet are planted on the ground, but doing so while up on a ladder without a spotter is stupid. It's on my list of things to do this coming year.

I need to put up a new light fixture in the powder room. There is a fixture in there now, it just doesn't have a proper shade. As long as we aren't, uh, powdering in the dark, I don't see any big hurry for this.

I'm mostly finished with the wrap I intend as a gift for my mother's sister. It's supposed to have pockets, and I've crocheted them, too; but now I need to actually sew them on the wrap itself. That part is boring so I've been putting it off. Maybe by Christmas.

And speaking of crochet projects, I finished the Haru sweater a few weeks ago. There will be a photo up here eventually, because I like having this catalog of finished projects. I just have to remember to have the sweater and my camera in the same room at the same time.

I don't do anything very fast, as you can see. I've tried being one of those "see it through from start to finish" type people and mostly I just stressed myself out so I don't do that anymore. I've learned to pace myself, to prioritize. All the really important stuff is done; I've even finished my taxes and sent them in. I'll get around to everything else a little at a time. But I'm going to do it on my schedule. All of this stuff will happen. There is a plan.

I'm working on it.

I'm considering having those words put on my tombstone someday.


Merry said...

I think it's much easier to do someone else's little projects than it is to do one's own. Wanna house swap?

Do you have any books that you would recommend to a completely clueless need-to-be knitter? YouTube has several different recommended methods just to cast on, for Bob's sake. Why do there have to be so many???!!!

estedneu - used-car salesman speak for "the original owner said he never drove it at all"

McB said...

Crochet is more my thing than knitting. I know knitting basics, (and you're right, there are several techniques for casting on) but I'm not comfortable enough with it to make recommendations.

Howsomever, if you want to try crocheting I might be able to help you out.

pouction: I'm good at pouction, I just can't spell it.

McB said...

If we house swap, do I get the dog, too?

Merry said...

I checked with her Ladyship -- your belly rubbing technique apparently is quite good. She will be pleased to welcome you.

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