Wednesday, January 7

I'm In Love

Okay, I did finish the wrap thing except I have to find some matching thread to sew on the pockets with. Probably I could have tried harder this past weekend, but I was pretty much looking for an excuse to dive into my new yarn.

This is it. And I'm already fighting the temptation to buy more, to horde the stuff against some blah, bleary day when I need a yarn fix. This stuff is WONDERFUL. Really, all caps and italics, too. I feel like crying out "where have you been all my life?!" It's like the dark chocolate of yarn, the good 75% organic cocoa content stuff, the beans harvested by Juan Valdez's distant cousin and hand carried to a delightfully wizened, old-school confection genius in the Swiss Alps who created the world's first truffle. Get it?

It's not just that it's soft. I've handled softer. It's not just that it's pretty, although it is. It's the entire experience of the yarn. The folks at Simply Shetland have created a fiber blend that is the best of both the silk and wool worlds. I know it doesn't look like much to the naked eye; but trust me, this stuff is good. I'm spoiled for all other yarns. I'm giddy. Maybe it's the honeymoon phase, but I'm into the second skein now so I'm feeling pretty confident.

I'm savouring here.


Keziah Fenton said...

How about posting a link to the yarn so I can get me some of that...looks divine. I think you and I need to do a yarn store together with my friend Stashaholic. The two of you would break the bank on your purchases I'm afraid :D

MCB said...

Oooh I'd love to do a yarn crawl with another fiber fan. I already spend too much though. My LYS is having a lottery sale all this month but I'm holding out until at least next pay day.

According to the wrapper it's And it wasn't horribly expensive. About $10 for 240 yards. It really does have a lovely feel.

rssasrb said...

Okaaayyyy. This is the first orgasmic post on yarn I've ever read. Tho I can't identify with it, I'm really happy you found the yarn and are enjoying crocheting with it.

Absolutely love The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

McB said...

If you liked that one you definitely need to read Tied To The Tracks.