Monday, November 17

At The Tone Please Leave a Message ...


I know it's been a while, nearly a month in fact, but I'm busy so just hold your horses. I had planned to slip in a vacation blog, but it was needed somewhere else so, oh wah.

I finished a crochet project and will have a picture. Nearly finished with another so another possible picture there. And Mom's Christmas cactus is gifting a little early this year so there might be a picture of that as well. It's worth a picture as the thing is huge and quite a sight when it's dripping with flowers.

In the meantime, if you have something to say go ahead, don't wait for me.


Merry said...

Unless the crochet project was for me*, I don't think it's an adequate reason not to update your blog.

Pictures! We love pictures!

We are not so thrilled with the fact that your language has become so obscene that it apparently needs to be *beep*ed out.

Just saw "Filth" last night on PBS. They decided to make fun of the FCC censorship rules: every time one of the characters said a swear word, it was bleeped out with a funny horn sound. The effect was like a cross between a serious PBS show and the Gong show.

bedise - a city known for it's fripperies and decorations; residents are called bedenizens

McB said...

Well, I declined to mention shoveling my car out, tending to the lawn (raking, seeding, blowing, etc.), the unpacking necessitated by having packed in the first place (which required the obvious follow up of doing laundry) and other, even more boring activities.

So, I'm not a prude about it, and I didn't see "Filth", but you have to wonder if all that bleeping out didn't somewhat make the FCC Censorship's point. I think we've become inured (?) and don't hear it anymore. I think people would be surprised at just how little dialogue would be left over if some of today's programming got bleeped.

rssasrb said...

Oh that is so true. Especially in movies. There are other adjectives people. Sheesh.

I too updated my blog. Finally. And I found my camera so I'll be downloading pictures and posting some.

You had to mention shoveling out your car, since we haven't had snow yet I'm assuming that meant cleaning it out. Now I've got to do mine so I can keep up with the McB's.

Yeah, I'm silly this morning. Woke up way too early. I'm being a blog vagrant.

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