Thursday, April 10

Still turning pages

In case you missed my earlier comment, Jan Karon's latest addition to the Father Tim series Home to Holly Springs was fabulous. I love getting pulled into her world, or Father Tim's world, I suppose. Warm and fuzzy feelings I've got for that series. These books are written for adults, but there's an almost child-friendly feeling to them. Gentle, I think is a good description. I'm a terrible cynic, myself; but sometimes escaping into that more simple world works better than any prescription drug for soothing whatever ails me.

Also recently reread Terry Pratchett's Making Money which I also have listened to the audio twice. Moist Von Lipwig is my all time favorite Pratchett character, second only to Lord Vetinari. Neither one is the most sterling example of humanity. Moist is a thief and scam artist, Vetinari is a tyrant, literally. But sometimes the best person for the job isn't the guy with the cleanest motive. Pratchett's books are great fun. He might set them in a fantasy world, but it only serves to underscore the familiar aburdities of our own culture.

Just finished Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart. If you like Bill Bryson, you might want to give this one a try. With much love and humor, Stewarts tells how he and his wife came to live on a small farm in rural Spain, the people they came to know and the life they obviously fell in love with. Charming and quixotic would be a good description. It reminded me a lot of James Herriot's stories, actually.


rssasrb said...

Do we fil in the blanks? Is that a new TP or rereading one of the old ones?

I haven't read the latest in the Karon series. I really enjoyed the others.

Okay. I just saw that the titles are in a differnt color and don't show up well on my computer. Sorry. I thought you were making us guess.

orangehands said...


i love Spike (Moist's GF). and Moist. and the whole city watch crew. and Polly Perkins (Monstrous Regiment). and...oh, i really shouldn't do'll take forever.

Merry said...

So McB, can you explain the sport of Extreme Sneezing to me?

McB said...

I think its a bit like the Four-in-Handkerchief club a la Regency England.