Tuesday, March 11

Desperately Seeking

Lost: Inner Peach. If found, please return to owner.

I had it here somewhere just recently, I know I did. And then I turned around and it was gone. Pfffttt! Just like that. But it's my own fault. I wasn't keeping a close enough eye on it. I got lax and lazy. I got comfortable thinking it would just always be there when I needed it. And now it's gone and I'm not even sure when it happened. I'm hoping this is just a bid for attention. I'm hoping that if I show true remorse and make a real effort to change my ways, that Inner Peach will come back to me.

My new plan is to retrace my steps and see if I can figure out just what went wrong. I can't fix it until I can identify it, yes? I think I see part of the problem already. Too much clutter. I've been letting other people leave their issues in my head, trying to be a helpful, caring person, you know? But they just leave them there! They just dump them and go on about their merry business, leaving me to sort it all out and find someplace to store it all. I don't have that kind of room in my head. I barely have room enough for my own issues. I don't mind helping out, really I don't. But angst and insecurity are like guests and fish ... they start to stink up the place after a while. I mean, most of this is not even my mess, and yet I'm losing sleep over it. No wonder Inner Peach left.

It's even possible that Inner Peach isn't gone, just misplaced temporarily in the mess. So I'm going to spend a little 'quality time' reorganizing. I've got my boxes ready: Box 1 is for stuff that just needs put back in its proper perspective; box 2 is for old stuff that no longer has a place in my life and that I just need to get rid of; lastly, box 3 which is for other people's junk. I should probably alert them to come collect what truly belongs to them; except it occurs to me that in all this time if they haven't noticed that it was missing, its possible that I was placing more importance on this stuff than they were. No, I shall round up all those stray issues and problems from every dusty corner of my psyche and get rid of it all. Maybe I can find someone else to take them on. Someone, there's always someone, who takes pleasure in worrying about other people's problems. One man's trash is another man's treasure?

The trick will be to take it step by step and not let myself get overwhelmed by the size of the job. I can break it down into zones, maybe. First this relative, then that friend. Or maybe I'll start by sweeping out all those current events droppings left all over the floor. There are people who are paid to think about this stuff, why don't I just leave them to it?

Okay, I've got a plan. You know, I feel better already.


Merry said...

But it's easy to solve other people's problems! Here. I'll round up all these stray issues and problems and donate them to Goodwill. Someone'll want 'em.

There! dusts off hands

Oh, and that inner peach? I saw it down on the corner of 4th and Main hitching a lift. It was holding a sign that said 'Oregon or bust.' Thought you should know.

jarufhlz - a jar of eels. Sorry, I know I shouldn't try to talk with my mouth full like that. My bad :(

Robin said...

No,no. Your inner peach hid in the closet in SC because she wanted to go out and sunbathe. I bet if you call Dee's cute guy in reception he'll find her (the peach not Dee) and ship her back to you.

Love the post. Makes me think of a song....Pack up all your cares and woe, Here I go, Singing low, Bye Bye Blackbird

LtL said...

I got no advice, kid. But I know an interesting and well-written post when I see one. And, it's good to know you've got a plan. All the thinkers and doers advocate planning.
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