Monday, February 11

And the answer is ...

You aren't cheating, are you? I hope you at least tried to answer the questions before heading over here.

  1. Scope, CMS, and Jen-T (although I don't know if Jen says "aboot." CMS does, although she denies it.)

  2. Pittsburgh (And she left it in favor of Men In Kilts, can you imagine?)

  3. Carpeting (which has never been satisfactorily explained)

  4. Mary (it sounds just like her, doesn't it?)

  5. Canada (they were supposed to have dinner with Scope and CMS)

  6. Elizabeth Bishop (I've got nothing on this one)

  7. A hole in the wall (Actually, the advice wasn't so much re the hole as what she should hide behind it. And I don't think she's ever said.)

  8. University of California, Santa Cruz (and the mascot is a banana slug ... you have to wonder about the message that sends)

  9. CMS (there should be some kind of medal for that, don't you think?)

  10. Twinkle Toes (now that I think about, I believe the nickname was thrust upon her rather than chosen.

  11. Lee Child (That was CC's doing. By all accounts he was a good sport about it. Could be he's fan experiences even more bizarre than that.)

  12. The Moles (Tal, Tal, come back Tal!)

  13. the dip (Probably she didn't mean BCB. Probably.)

  14. Regis (nobody ever explained that one to me, either)

  15. Speen (it even sounds evil, doesn't it?)

So how did you do?

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