Sunday, November 18

You Asked For It

Okay, not all of you, but some of you did. Ask for photos of my new furniture, that is. And if you aren't one of them, well don't look if it bothers you.

Here is one of the new rocker/reliner chairs. No, they didn't charge us extra for the cat. I'm just thankful that she likes laying on the towel which should keep the cat hair on the furniture to a minimum. Please ignore the junk laying around. Oh, what am I talking about? That's not junk, that's BOOKS! The ones on the table to the left are from my J.P. Hailey collection. Sadly he only wrote about 5 under that pen name; you may or may not know him as Parnell Hall who writes one of my favorite mystery series. No, not the Puzzle Lady books. He writes others and IMO they are better. The Hailey's are hard to find and out of print for a long time but if you run across one in the library or your local used book store (under mysteries) grab it. The blue bag on the floor is the stash I scored at RWA NJ last month. Mom and I are still working our way through it. The green bag which you can just barely see contains library books. Since they have due dates, we are naturally working our way through them first. Which explains why we aren't done with the NJ books yet.

This one is the reclining loveseat. Now, I have to mention that the colors in this picture are not true. It's actually a deep wine color but not nearly as dark as it look in the photo. It was night time when I took the pictures, that's why. I relied on the flash which did okay, but the loveseat and the floors both look darker than they really are. The floors are actually a sort of medium tone in slightly varying shades and not red. Yes that's the same cat on the chair. No, I didn't crochet the afghan you see over the back of the loveseat. Mom did that one. No, you can't have it, it's mine. She made it just for me. Because she likes me best, that's why. We just got the last piece of furniture yesterday so there will be some shifting of furniture and wall decorations, i.e. the mirror, to center things better. Eventually.

So, the new dining table. See through the door all that dark? Told you it was night time. We got this table to replace the longer retangular one, even though there was nothing wrong with the old one, really, because it's slightly smaller and oval and works much better in the very small dining room. The plants are my mom's babies. If you are nice I might include a photo of the flowering Christmas cactus in the right hand corner one of these days. It's huge and has gorgeous peach-colored flowers just now. Ignore that junk in the lower right corner. It's a recently bought stash of yarn with which I plan to crochet pillows as soon as I finish the other project I'm currently working on. More on that later.


Mary said...

So long as the cat doesn't mind sharing, the furniture looks gawgjus to me. (Sorry, slipped into the Bostonian accent for a moment there.)

I once went to visit my Aunt Agnes, and couldn't sit down on any of the chairs or the sofa because her each of her 17 cats had marked a chair, or sofa... or section of the floor... for their own territory, and they hissed if you tried to rest on their turf.

On of the many reasons I now am a dog owner. Your place looks charming, and I'm sure your feline favorites are felicitous. Pardon me, I was just having a temporary familial flashback. I feel much better now.

McB said...

Our resident feline (singular) doesn't mind sharing at all. In fact she prefers to curl up on top of someone or along side of them. 17??? Good Bob! I guess if I had to share a house with 16 others, I'd be protective of my personal space too.

Robin said...

The new furniture looks loverly. My cats prefer laps too though if none are available they will deign to lay on the furniture. I have a tiger striped variety in my lap as I type. Purring too.

17 Geez. And I thought we were bad. Just 4 presently and Please God do not send any more strays.

GatorPerson said...

The cat knows you really got new furniture for her. I hope she didn't read Sunday's Get Fuzzy.

It's lovely furniture, McB. Ah, doesn't it feel good to spend money!

And of course I want a pic of your Xmas cactus.

orangehands said...

oooo, pretty.

(long day at work. have to save my "big" words for my essay. sorry)

but i like.

and adorable cat

McB said...

No, spending money does not feel good. I'm slightly phobic about debt. But there comes a time when you just really don't have a choice. And I have to admit having new is really really nice indeed. And soooo comfortable!

Will try to remember to snap pics of the cactus during daylight so it shows better.

BCB said...

Love the new furniture! Looks very sink-into-able. My cat will only sit next to me, never on my lap -- and that's only when she's feeling friendly. Or cold. We rescued her from the wild when she was barely weaned.

What do you have on your dining room table? I know the light is bad and I might be hallucinating, but it looks like you have a multicolored crocheted thing on top of the white tablecloth. I never seen that done before, but I like it. Who knows, I may not be seeing it now. . .

oyzhubpw -- huh?

McB said...

For the longest time Kelly would not get in anyone's lap or allow herself to be held. But she loved laying against someone. She then started curling up or stretching out on my mom's lap and really likes it there. Just this past year she's gotten much more patient about being picked up and cuddled. I think she's realized that she missed out on some prime petting time and is trying to make up for it.

The only thing on the table is the table cloth; sorry, must be the lighting. Or you're hallucinating. But that's an idea, actually ... a thread crochet table cloth covering a solid damask table cloth. Hmmm. Possibilities.

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

Hey, did you shop at Leon's? That silver reclining chair looks like my new brown one. I got it at Leon's. Lovely furniture.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Mcb.