Saturday, May 19

Something else to look at

Here are a few pictures from my yard, in case you are at all interested. I would say my "garden" but I haven't done much with that this year. But I do have a few things blooming. Notably my climatis which has really staged a come back. Last year I cut out a lot of old stuff and then spent the winter biting my nails worrying that I ruined it. I guess not. Normally I make an effort to train it as it grows but, again, my head just hasn't been in it this year.

This is a close up of some pansies I had put in just before winter last year. I like to do that, put in the pansies at the last minute, because they winter over so nice. Sometimes I can spy the odd bloom even in January. And then come spring they really take off. But they don't like the heat much so they'll need to come out before too long. Still, its nice to look out and see those colorful faces when everything else is still brown. And you get a little bit closer look at the climatis in the background.

I bought some big pots last year and put in a few plants, some more pansies and something ... I forget now but some kind of perennial. Except I think the squirrels got to them over the winter. So a few weeks ago I went and got a flat of snapdragons to fill up all that empty. I just wanted some quick and easy color. They seem to be doing well. Just today I did some deadheading, snipping back to encourage new growth and blooms. Hopefully they'll fill out


Mary said...

Beautiful! All it needs is a comfortable lounging-type chair, a good book, and you.

Sheryl said...

When can we come visit? It looks beautiful!